Key publications

Books on the danicourt de péronne coin collection:


SCHEERS S., Les monnaies gauloises de la collection A. Danicourt à Péronne, Ed. Cercle d’études numismatiques, Bruxelles, 1975

The current classification used by the Musée Alfred-Danicourt for its Gallic coin collection has been based, since 1975, on the work of the Belgian specialist Simone SCHEERS, who studied our coins for many long months assisted by the curator at the time, Jean Baradat. Scheers produced, in particular, moulds of all the coins, and it is these moulds that illustrate her book written in 1975, the most comprehensive work on our collection.

Simone Scheers, numismatist, doctor in Archaeology and Art History, researcher at the National Research Centre in Belgium (FNRS), was emeritus professor at the Université Catholique de Louvain until 2004. She published many articles and major works on Celtic coinage. 

DELESTREE L-P. et TACHE M., The New Atlas of the Coins of Gaul (4 volumes), Ed. Commios, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, 2002-2008

Louis-Pol Delestrée, doctor in Humanities and Law, former researcher at the CNRS, and his friend, the numismatist Marcel Tache, based part of their work on a typological study in situ of the Danicourt collection. This was the first work to publish colour photographs of the Péronne coins. In it, the two researchers sometimes revise the geographical and chronological attributions established by the work of S. Scheers.


Other key works on the coins of gaul:


LA TOUR H. (de), Atlas des monnaies gauloises préparé par la Commission des topograhie des Gaules, Paris, 1892

BLANCHET A., Traité des monnaies gauloises, Paris, 1905

BABELON J., La numismatique antique, 4e éd., Paris, 1970,

COLBERT DE BEAULIEU J-B., Traité de numismatique celtique : méthodologie des ensembles, Ed. Les Belles Lettres, Paris, 1973

SCHEERS S., Traité de Numismatique celtique : la Gaule belgique, Ed. Les Belles Lettres, Paris, 1977

DEPEYROT G., La monnaie gauloise, Ed. Archéologie nouvelle, Paris, 2013


Key works on archaeology in the somme:


AGACHE R., La Somme romaine et pré-romaine, Ed. Société des Antiquaires de Picardie, Amiens, 1978

BEN REDJEB T., Carte archéologique de la Gaule 80-2 : la Somme, Ed. Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, Paris, 2013