Gallic collections and sites in France

Gallic archaeological collections in France: 

Although unseen by the public for decades, the largest Gallic numismatic collection by number of coins (13,000) is still that in the Cabinet des Médailles in the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF). :

See the 1889 catalogue here:

The Cabinet des Médailles in Lyon:

The Cabinet des Monnaies et Médailles in Marseille:

The Musée de Bretagne, in Rennes, has 35,000 coins, tokens and medals, including 2,000 relating to Gaul:

It has just re-opened and has several hundred Gallic coins: the Musée 11 Conti – Paris Mint:

The Fondation Calvet collection of 250 Celtic coins:

The museum of the archaeological site at Bibracte, in Burgundy:

The museum and ancient forum of Bavay, in the Nord:

The MAN, Musée d’Archéologie Nationale in Saint-Germain-en-Laye:

Le MuséoParc d’Alésia, in Burgundy:

Archaeological sites and archeosites in France presenting Gallic civilisation:

So near to Péronne, the must-see SAMARA archaeological park:

Still in the Somme, the archeosite of Arebona near Pont-Rémy:

The Asnapio archaeological park near Villeneuve d’Ascq:

In Charente, the Gallic village of Coriobona:

In the Ardèche, the archeosite of Randa Ardesca:

The archeosite of Montans, in the Gard: