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Offering its citizens all the advantages and services of a medium sized town yet in close proximity to the countryside, the landscape of Péronne is characterised by a network of small lakes linked to the Somme Valley. Before becoming a paradise for the angler, for centuries its exceptional natural position gave it a key strategic advantage for the French kingdom. This is why its numerous lakes are often overlooked by traces of a rich historic past.

Throughout history, Péronne has played an important role as a border town on the Somme. From the medieval wars to the massive destruction of the First World War, which left the city in ruins, many famous historic figures have stayed here: Radegonde, Philippe Auguste, Louis XI, Charles the Bold, François 1st, Louis XIV, etc. 1400 years of French history have passed through Péronne.

Today, a dynamic, modern town looking towards the future, Péronne has nevertheless retained many tourist and cultural attractions, including its historic monuments. The Brittany Gate is the last of Peronne’s original three gates that can still be seen. Like the remains of Fort Caraby, this gate and the powerful fortifications flanking it, give us an idea of the defences of our town at a time when it was still a stronghold.

The church of Saint John the Baptiste, consecrated in 1525, is a superb monument in a flamboyant Gothic style, evidence of the strong Catholic presence in Péronne over the centuries. With 7 parishes up until the Revolution, Péronne opened its doors to the new king of France, the newly converted Henri IV, well after Paris. Péronne also has its own local heroine Marie Fouré, the Historial of the Great War, the monument of « Picardy cursing the War », the Parc du Cam, the Australian Digger, the statue of Sailor Delpas, the Promenade des Hardines, the ancient cobbled streets… A host of things to discover or rediscover.


A municipal museum celebrating its 140th anniversary in 2017

Since 1877, the Musée Alfred-Danicourt has welcomed visitors to Péronne’s town hall free of charge. It not only presents archaeological collections from the Prehistoric era to the High Middle Ages, but also hosts many temporary exhibitions every year featuring the best of modern and contemporary artistic creation.

Amongst its treasures is, of course, the exceptional Danicourt collection of Gallic coins, but you will also be astounded at the quality of the Gallo-Roman and Merovingian archaeological exhibits.

The museum can be reached through the Péronne Town Hall reception, and is open Tuesdays to Fridays from 2pm to 5.30pm, and Saturdays from 9am to midday and from 2pm to 4.30pm. Informations:


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